Tesla's Green Roadmap

See how the future could look in eight steps...

Elon Musk is speeding up the transition to a cleaner and  easier way of doing things,
and making the world become more, if not fully sustainable.

What follows, are just some of the ways Tesla may change our future.

1. Reducing Emissions
(Electric Car vs Gas Car)

Tesla has always been seen as a pollution busting company. Taking millions of combustion engines off the road and replacing them with electric cars has been the future for a long time.

A good impartial and factual video showing the environmental footprint of both ICE cars and Electric are shown. Easy to understand and clear.

The amount below is from May 2020

Tesla's Green Roadmap
There is a live update on Teslas website (https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/carbonimpact)

2. Reducing Cars & Using Robotaxis

Robotaxis was first heard of a few years ago. Tesla wants to go even further to reduce the amount of cars on the road, as 95% of the time they sit on your driveway being unused.

All you will need to do in the future is call up a robotaxi and within 1-2 minutes it will arrive and take you cheaply where you need to go.

Take a look at this video that show’s why there will be less cars in the future.

3. Making our Environment Greener

With less cars on the road, as we take up robotaxis, we will need less places to park. Again saving costs. Think how much you spend on parking per year?

This video shows how we can redesign our Schools, Hospitals and workplaces to take in consideration we do not need massive car parking spaces any longer. 1/3rd of any hospital or school is parking space. Imagine what Lakeside and Bluewater would look like without car parking.

Tesla's Green Roadmap
Bluewater, Kent - Parking Areas
Tesla's Green Roadmap
Lakeside, Essex - Parking Areas

4. Safety - Making everyone safer

Tesla’s vehicles are the safest on the road. The Model 3 is the safest car ever tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), whose testing procedures determined Tesla’s latest car has the lowest probability of injury in a collision of any of the other 900 cars NHTSA has tested. In second place is Model S, and in third — another Tesla — Model X.

5. Reducing Parts &
Making Vehicles Last Longer

FACT: All electric cars have fewer parts to build them.

With less parts to an Electric Vehicle there is less to go wrong. There can be upwards of 2000 parts to an ICE car, which means repairs and parts, which the ICE car industry relies upon.

Tesla wants to make cars in one go, not weld parts together like all other cars. This makes the car more solid and safer.

Making cars RUST proof like the Tesla Cybertruck, meaning cars will last 30 years plus….(with bullet proof glass).

6. Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

By adding solar roof tiles that look just like any other roof tile, you will be able to harness the suns rays. The sun does not have to be shining for this to work. You get about 80-90% on cloudy days which in the UK is most of the time!

The cost is supposed to be comparative with normal tiles.

7. Tesla Battery Storage

If you have Solar panels or Solar roof tiles, I hear you say what happens at night then?

Telsa is an Energy company, that produces batteries used to store electricity. This is shown in the video opposite.

If you have solar panels at home, Tesla has a solution for you if you wish to be ‘off grid’. That’s where the Tesla Powerwall comes in. It has many batteries inside that get charged by your solar panels. This will give you enough power for 3-8 days depending on your usage of course. Any excess solar power goes to the grid once the Tesla powerwall has been fully charged, and you get paid for it!

8. Vehicle to Grid

This video This will change the energy industry for ever.

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