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Now Tesla's Can Do Battery Swaps With The Million Mile Batteries

Could Tesla leverage their earlier idea of quick-swapping their battery packs with a newly added twist of using their upcoming Million Mile batteries? Torque News contributor and subscriber Dean McManis has this story discussing how Tesla battery swap could be the next big thing with many benefits especially after the advent of the million-mile batteries.

In 2013 Elon Musk demonstrated a new feature for their Model S. With some people complaining (as some are still complaining today) that battery recharging takes too long, Elon demonstrated that they could fully swap out a discharged battery with a fully recharged comparable Tesla battery in 90 seconds. Which is actually less time than it takes to fill the tank with gas in many comparable cars. At the time, the proposed battery swap would cost about the same as you would pay to refill a large gas tank.

Tesla offered this battery swap service in a pilot program for a couple years at a test station in Harris Ranch, CA. which is a busy Inn, restaurant, and Supercharger station midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The battery swap pilot program was stopped in 2015 with Tesla choosing to build more Supercharger stations across the world instead.

There was some news in 2017 when Tesla filed a patent for a mobile battery swap trailer that could be easily deployed anywhere. But outside of the patent, a functional battery swap trailer was never seen built.

I believe that the biggest reason why the battery swap idea never took off was simply that batteries are known to degrade over time. Even though a trip to and from LA would have you essentially borrow another car’s battery for 2nd half of the trip, and then you would get your battery swapped back (recharged) on the return trip home. Unfortunately, the idea gets more complicated if you don’t get your own battery back. If you perhaps got the battery of someone who drove their older Tesla hard all the time (and/or put a lot of miles on it) then potentially your car would instantly depreciate the moment that you swapped your newer battery for someone else's older, degraded battery.

Enter Million Mile Batteries

This older problem becomes an advantage once you look at battery swaps using the upcoming million-mile battery packs. In that case, it hardly matters if the battery pack is brand new, or Ten years old. Not only would it extend the value of a new Model S, but it would also potentially breathe new life into older Model S Teslas, and they could even be repurposed into Robotaxis if they had been fitted with the full self-driving package. Plus they could be updated easily with the new FSD computer hardware for Robotaxi use as well.


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This report was prepared by Dean McManis.
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