Mystical Tesla Gigafactory 3 & Made-In-China Model Y Updates (Video)

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Published on June 14th, 2020 | by Johnna Crider

June 14th, 2020 by Johnna Crider 

In a video shared by Jason Yang on YouTube, Yang captures a moment in which Tesla’s shining star of a gigafactory, the Shanghai gigafactory, seems almost otherworldly. It’s a scene set from a fantasy book — the misty-like clouds dancing around the shimmering roof that sparkles in the sun. In the video, Yang set up a bit of anticipation for the magical moment. He started with phases of the gigafactory’s development and led up to the moment with the clouds.

More practically speaking, he highlights the fact that the made-in-China Tesla Model Y is coming, eventually. The drone pans around the Model Y section, showing the current construction going on for the Model Y factory in Shanghai.

Yang also notes that sales of the Tesla Model 3 vehicles made in China exceeded 10,000 last month, as I reported last week. “It can be seen that China’s consumption power and Tesla’s popularity are very high. It can be predicted that the launch of the Model Y will usher in a new sales height,” he wrote in the video description.

Mystical Tesla Gigafactory 3 & Made-In-China Model Y Updates (Video)

Just to see how much it would cost, I configured a made-in-China Model Y. I went with the dual-motor AWD Performance version. I chose the color blue and the 21-inch  Überturbine wheels, the only choice for this one. White seats, five-seat layout, and yes to Autopilot. My cost would be 610,000 yuan ($86,049) and my first payment would be a refundable 20,000 yuan ($2,821). That must be the best value for a performance SUV of this quality in China.

In an interview with Xinhua back in May, Tesla China’s Vice President of Foreign Affairs, Tao Lin, noted that the Model Y is expected to be mass-produced in the first quarter of 2021. It is expected by many to become the best selling electric vehicle in China at that time.

It will be exciting to see the Model Ys being produced and delivered in China. We are just getting started here in the States and Canada. Soon, the rest of the world — Europe, Australia, and hopefully customers in brand new markets — will be receiving their Model Ys as well. Tesla is on a roll, and as Tao Lin says, it’s going at “Tesla Speed.”

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Mystical Tesla Gigafactory 3 & Made-In-China Model Y Updates (Video)

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