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It’s good to see a fleet of buses or delivery trucks all convert to Electric, it’s the beginning of the ‘Electric Vehicle Revolution’.

Below are the ones we think are noteworthy.

MAN - Electric Bus 2020

The latest model can take up to 120 passengers and is equipped with a huge 640 kWh battery for at least 200 km (124 miles) of range (and up to 270 km/168 miles in favourable conditions) over the entire service life of the battery.  


MAN’s first electric bus was unveiled back in 1970.


May 2020 – One to watch in my opinion. If only to confirm the range.

It’s a Chinese copy of Tesla, even the website is the same.

BYD EV Garbage Truck - Silently Picks Up Your Trash

1 May 2020 – BYD have shown that they are still good at creating electric vehicles. This trash, rubbish, garbage truck is in California.


First EU-certified electric plane takes to the skies

A Slovenian aviation company has produced the world's first fully electric plane to be type-certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency which means it meets safety standards and can be used commercially.


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