Jaguar I-PACE Global Sales Still Down, But Rate Of Decline Is Leveling Off

During the third quarter of 2020, Jaguar I-PACE noted 3,214 global sales (down 12%), which unfortunately is the fourth quarter of decline year-over-year.

When the I-PACE was introduced a few years ago, as one of the first long-range, high-performance models from Europe, we were hoping for more, but unlike Audi e-tron, results are not improving over time.


So far this year, some 8,650 I-PACEs were sold globally (down 32% year-over-year). It’s disappointing to be honest. We really expected that demand would be higher.

The only positive thing is that for a small brand like Jaguar, I-PACE stands for 11.8% of the total volume, which is not bad actually. On the other hand, the overall sales also went down in Q3 by 27% to 27,347 (41% down YTD).

Cumulatively, Jaguar sold almost 33,000 I-PACE since Q2 2018.


Will the I-PACE will rebound and improve in the next couple of quarters? Or maybe it will require some major upgrades to attract more customers?

For now, it’s the only BEV in the Jaguar Land Rover lineup, which consists also of several plug-in hybrids. Soon we should see two additional electric cars from the group – the Jaguar XJ And Range Rover EV.

Jaguar I-PACE Global Sales Still Down, But Rate Of Decline Is Leveling OffSource

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