Candela Seven: Electric Hydrofoil Boat With ‘Jet Fighter-Like Performance’

Candela Seven: Electric Hydrofoil Boat With 'Jet Fighter-Like Performance'

A virtual test ride in the first flying electric boat

To showcase the unique performance of their electric boat, Swedish hydrofoil maker Candela Speedboat posted a virtual test drive video of the company’s first model, the 25 foot Candela Seven.

Thanks to wings under the hull, the Candela Seven flies above the surface which reduces energy consumption by 80 percent compared to planing boats. This gives an unprecedented electric range of 92 km (50 nautical miles) in 20 knots, three times the range of any other electric boat and on par with combustion engine boats.

But the wings also give Candela Seven jet fighter-like performance.

In the video, the driver performs a 37-minute electric run in the Stockholm archipelago.

Much like in a jet fighter, Candela Seven’s sensors and on-board computers ensure a rock steady ride in virtually all conditions. In the video, the Candela barely quivers as the driver repeatedly zigzags through big waves from a cruise ship.

The video also demonstrates Candela’s efficiency and long range. In a silent cruising speed of 20 knots, the Seven draws 0,8 to 0,9 kWh per nautical mile from its 40 kWh battery pack. By comparison, conventional non-foiling boat of the same size uses 6 kWh per nautical mile.

–The key to long electric range in boats is to reduce the friction from the water. The only way to achieve a decent range with batteries is to use hydrofoils. That’s how we get three times the range of conventional electric boats, even with a smaller battery pack, says Mikael Mahlberg, Communications manager at Candela speedboat.

Candela Seven: Electric Hydrofoil Boat With 'Jet Fighter-Like Performance'Source

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