This website pulls together news, information and video showing the transition from ICE Cars to Electric Cars, and how renewable energy is changing everyday. Futuristic ways of living and working are becoming a reality sooner than you think!

Some may make films depicting the failure of new energy sources and think coal, oil and gas is the best way of making energy. Some media show bad sides of a company for viewing figures, as they know people are interested in reviews of a new technology and already have there bias, either fore it or against.

About TeslaNews

Not everyone wants to change

The change will be slow because of the money involved. The oil industry does not just stop overnight. Thee are many they say the future is along way away, but I say that it is about 5-10 years away.

I see those people as not having the same idea of a future we all could have. Quite easily it could work! Most things that we envisage in the future, and in our wildest dreams,  other than teleportation, and control of the weather will be mostly possible.

So why are we waiting?

Who is stopping it happening at the highest level? Sit them down and make them understand what is needed, and how we can please everyone.

Website Content

This website contains lots of external sources that all need credit. Sources stay attached, and to read more in some cases please visit the sites if you wish. Some links may lead to external sources. The links are automatically imported, but come from reliable sources.

They are not my responsibility. I will take anything down that is offensive as soon as requested. I aim to enlarge the group of people who can create a whole new future.


These are my predictions for the future of technology:

  • Self driving is possible
  • Everyone will be using USB-C
  • A type of focused laser will be invented that produces light at a certain distance and produces a screen in front of your face. Face tracking in the room will follow your face and voice commands will activate the screen so you can browse tv – tiktok – youtube, maps etc

Prediction 1: – Share price to go up to $1200 by October (Predicted in March).

Result: Correct and 3 months early (Reached and of June).


Prediction 2: – Share price to go up to $1500 by October (Predicted in May 25th).

Result: Correct and 5 Months early!


Prediction 3: – Share price to go up to $2000 by September 30th (Predicted in July 14th).

Result: Waiting…


Tell me your predictions for the future of technology:
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